Alpha Launch!

Back in March when Scott convinced me to join him on our WolkeWerks journey, I was impressed by how fast we were able to source the data and put together a proof-of-concept with our back-end data service.  It seemed like we would easily launch our Alpha product by April or early May at the latest.

Fast forward to early July and we have just put on the finishing touches to Alpha.  There were some wrong turns as we put too much effort into the AI and machine learning too early that cost time.  Also, to me, we went way too far for an Alpha.  For Scott, he no longer “cringes” at the thought of showing the product to his friends and family.  The joy of being co-founders. 🙂

So today we bring you our Alpha product, designed to help us grow our machine-based matching algorithms and obtain focused feedback.

If you have interest in our Alpha and have a checking account or credit card at one of our supported Alpha banks*, please leave your email on the Alpha site home page.  Once we are ready, we will send you an email with further instructions.  All we ask is that you sign-up, link in one or more of your bank accounts, and help us tune our transaction and merchant matching algorithms.  The site is completely FREE!

Our goal with the WolkeWerks product is to help you manage your subscription, recurring, and stored wallet (ewallet) payments.  We can help you save money by eliminating unused subscriptions, tuning your recurring payments, and updating your card numbers on merchant websites if your card is ever replaced due to fraud.

Stop paying for things you don’t need, and make sure your stored card is ready to use when you need it.

Ted Cahall & Scott Scazafavo

* Supported Alpha Banks: America Express, Bank of America, Chase Bank, Citibank, and Wells Fargo