WolkeWerks leaders bridge their experience from 20 plus years working at some of the biggest names in technology to develop compelling consumer products & services that solve real problems in today's technology-centric landscape.

Our founders combine their experience across web media, publishing, eCommerce, banking, and subscription-based businesses to develop several compelling concepts that have real value to today's savvy consumer.



Having created and managed large-scale subscription businesses for multiple companies provides us with an insider's perspective on the platform mechanics and business models for today's subscription products.



Years of experience in home banking, ebill presentment & payment, and equities is key to understanding both consumer needs and the security and data requirements necessary to develop world class personal finance applications.



Running large SaaS / cloud commerce solutions at the scale today's retailers expect takes skill and experience.  Today's savvy consumers also expect products with a high level of intuitiveness in how they interact with their shopping experience.


Digital Media

Running today's biggest Internet applications and properties requires both technological scale and product agility to keep in front of the competition and keep business flowing up and to the right.


Mobile Development

Responsive design, native app development, and seamless integration of product spanning all screens and platforms - mobile is simply an extension of today's digital products into the consumer's pocket.  Check out this site on your phone or iPad!

Publishing Workflow

Publishing Platforms

The WolkeWerks team has led the strategy, design and development of some of the world's most scalable cloud-based publishing systems at Microsoft, AOL, and CNET Networks.